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VESFA 5500

Vesfa 5500 is a highly advanced and affordable Bulk SMS and Connectivity technology that helps you manage and connect to clients and workers easily. Vesfa is integrated with special tools and functionalities which includes;
  • Bulk sms engine that supports all classes of messages (Plain text, flash, Unicode, wapPush, etc.)
  • Client and workers management tools for keeping records of customers and workers.
  • Bulk emailing tools for sending bulk emails to client and workers.
  • Direct file sharing between office pc's without the use of internet or third-party servers, hence constant flow of data at the work place with 100% privacy and confidentiality can be achieved.
  • Inbuilt chatting tools with support for direct offline audio and video conferencing, hence virtual meetings can be held at the work at no extra internet cost.
  • Supports offline (without internet) bulk SMS.
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