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The process of recharging credits is unnecessarily time consuming and sometimes very frustrating. Most often, the customer is left to face the frustration of repeating the entire manual process over and over again. What is worse, the process has a limited trial period which if exhausted, means the customer would have to repurchase a new recharging voucher or call the customer care service for support. Because of these inherent challenges, customers become too careful and sensitive during the recharging process just so they do not make mistakes.

Now, what if the customer at that very moment is supposed to make an extremely urgent call? The magnitude of inconvenience faced by that customer is obvious enough. Frustrated customers turn to blame the telecommunication companies even though the companies are not to blame.

It is therefore imperative to introduce a solution that would eliminate the manual process and its complications described above. A tool that can help with ease to recharge or top up credit without having to go through the manual process is the Smart Recharge.

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