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SHOPNEST is a highly advanced and affordable Point of Service (POS)/ Shop management system. Shop Nest is designed to be very simple but efficient in managing shops. It has a user friendly interface and controls for easy transactions. Easy to use stocking dashboard which provides controls for categorizing and grouping of products/items. It also provides functionalities for assigning VAT, Code (for Barcoding) and suppliers to each item. The stocking dashboard provides tools for exporting quick stock-report on demand. The sales dashboard provides a quick preview of the financial and sales status of the shop at any point in time. With its automatically generated charts, the shop administrator is quickly and visually informed of the state of shop. Shop Nest is integrated with special tools and functionality which includes;

 Super-user Friendly interface to facilitate adoption and usage
 Multi-user access with access control restrictions
 Quick query tools for easy searching of items with either the item name, description, cost, etc.
 Highly customized report generation tools for sales, stock, users, etc.
 A 2-Click selling system to facilitate sales
 Easy to use stocking system with support for categorizing and grouping
 Easy stocking tools with support for excel and Access data imports
 Suppliers table to keep track of products and their suppliers
 Support for shop-Basket system which provides quick tools for manipulating sales
 One-Click Cash-out systems with support for discount and VAT
 Sales Dashboard with a visual preview (Charts) of sales. i.e. Daily, monthly, Yearly
 Automatic System log or auditing trails for keeping track of activities of all users (login in, logging out, selling items, stocking system, etc.)
 Inbuilt bulk SMS engine for automatically sending daily closing sales to shop owner

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