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Nest CMS Academics

In today's rapidly-changing computing environment, an Institution needs a tightly integrated system to
handle and monitor the flow of information to keep it healthy. The Institution needs to be connected to
the various departments i.e. Academics, Accounts, Administration, Store, etc. that makes up the core
pillars of the institution, in order to be able to stay on the cutting edge in delivering its core services to
the world.
Nest College Management and Monitoring Systems (Nest CMS) ACADEMICS provides easy-to-use tools for
effective management of an institution academic data. The massive amount of academic and and student information
institutions process daily in order to keep the institution fully functioning makes Nest CMS Acedmic a perfect
tool for Educational Institutions.
Nest CMS ACADEMIC guarantees effective offline (Without Internet) and online solutions for managing the entire
Academic activities of the College by providing a user friendly tools for managing every
department or program offered by the Institution. With CMS, academic institutions can directly monitor student’s academic
performance and processes or dispatch student results via sms and portal. CMS also enhances the quality of education by providing tools
for organizing Electronic Quizzes which is marked and recorded automatically. Its seamless integration
with biometric attendance systems makes Nest CMS a must have software package.
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