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Currently, one of the major problems being faced in the country is the difficulty in reporting emergency cases (accidents and crimes, etc.) by victims or witnesses of those emergencies.
How does a victim/witness of an accident/crime make a report to the emergency/security services? Is it only by dialing their emergency numbers? How certain could that victim be of really getting through to the emergency/security services?, and even if it goes through and he/she is asked to make the report, what is the probability that he/she can communicate effectively, considering possible emotions like anxiety, fear and panic?

How much time does the victim or witness have to state his/her name, location, and the emergency situation?
Time is one of the resources that no one can afford to waste during such emergency situations.
Most often, effective response by the Security and Emergency Services is affected by such scenarios as described above.

However, if all the questions that are being asked above concerning the problems of effective emergency response, could be answered simply by a click of a button, then one of the most precious resources, the human life, in the country could be saved in most emergency situations.
Therefore, a tool that could give the victim/witness that ability and opportunity to just take his/her mobile phone out of his/her pocket, irrespective of whatever emotions he/she may be experiencing and make a click on just one icon to report a detailed emergency case to the Security or Emergency Services without having to waste time in talking could be the perfect solution.

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