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Church Nest (CNest) guarantees effective solutions for managing the entire church by providing a user friendly software package with integrated tools for managing every department of the church. Some of which are finances, event planning and appointment scheduling, budget and expenditure tallying tools, membership information tracking tools, family records and matrimony tools, society membership tools, membership birthdays, contributions and dues tracking tools, with support for the generation of standard reports with automated data and statistical charts.
Church Nest provides tools that allows the church to directly monitor members’ status and progress in terms of donation and dues payment.

The system also provides tools that connects the church to its members on a more personal level by sending them motivational quotes and notification via SMS as well as automatic birthday notification for members of the church.

Integrated with the API’s of the various social networks and online communities, the church can easily reach out to its members on those platforms. The system comes with an in-built connectivity tool that automatically sync membership information to a dedicated server to provide easy accessibility and also prevent loss of data. More importantly, CNest inter-connects churches across the country. This enhances information flow from one church to the other and solves the difficulties that arise when a member needs to be transferred to a different church.

Also, CNest provides an online Community where members of each church can interact freely, make requests and share ideas of faith and discuss and suggest matters of concern to the church.
On top of it all, Nest systems freely provide the necessary hardware support required for the adoption and implementation of the system at any church willing to migrate onto it. This is to reduce the cost incurred in the implementation process and to help boost the adoption rate. Also, the package comes as a free software for which the church would pay monthly maintenance fee after some free usage period. This helps to eliminate issues of finance as being a stumbling block and a major reason for the churches’ inability to migrate and adopt such tools.

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